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Project scope is to develop an APP to allow push notifications to a closed group of users.

Users will be categorizes based on specific criteria so that targeted push notifications can be generated to specific user demographics.

Users will be required to register to use the app and the registration process will gather specific criteria to filter push notifications for that particular users demographic.

Specific users will be granted limited administrative privileges to allow them to generate push notifications to specific user demographics.

Registration Process

Each user upon registration will be given a specific identifier based on information gathered in the registration process.

The registration process needs to capture the following user data;

  • First & Last Name and Employee id#
  • Employer
  • TCRC Division #
Division Office held (if applicable)
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Local Chairperson
  • Vice Local Chairperson
  • Legislative Representative
  • Alt. Legislative Representative
  • Delegate

Administrative Office held

General Committee (if applicable)

  • General Chairperson
  • Vice General Chairperson
  • General Secretary/Treasurer

Provincial Legislative Board (if applicable)

  • Provincial Chairperson
  • Vice Provincial Chairperson
  • PLB Secretary/Treasurer

National Office held (if applicable)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • National Legislative Director
  • Executive Board member
  • Administration

All users requests must have registration data verified before access is granted.

This registration database will need to have the capacity to be compared with the National Office database on a regular basis so that timely adjustments can be made to user privileges.

Based on the data gathered upon registration specific queries will allow for push notification to be targeted to specific user demographics.

Administrative Levels for sending push notifications

Level 1 - Can send push notifications to entire user population or any targeted specific demographic.

For example National President;

  • can send a push notification to all users.
  • can send a push notification to all General Committees.
  • can send a push notification to all users employed at a specific employer.
  • can send a push notification to all Division Presidents, etc.

Level 2 - Can send push notifications to specific demographics limited to their jurisdiction

For example General Chairperson or Provincial Legislative Chairperson;

  • can send push notifications to all users governed by their GCA or PLB
  • can send push notifications to all users at a specific employer governed by their GCA of PLB.
  • can send push notifications to all local chairpersons/legislative representatives belonging to their GCA or PLB.

Level 3 - Can send push notifications to a limited specific demographic

For example, Division Presidents can send push notifications to users belonging to their division.

To ensure the security and integrity of the app there should be no ability to forward notifications beyond the specific demographic identified in the original notification.

Notifications need to have the ability to handle attachments (documents, images, links etc.).

This Project is expressly for UNION Members to help communicate what is happening across the Country.